Venus retrograde in capricorn

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Venus Capricorn

Venus & its meaning

Venus retrograde in Capricorn: in natal charts Venus symbolises relationships, values and aesthetics. The sign in which Venus is in the birth chart denotes the qualities of the above-mentioned themes. The house in which Venus is located describes the most suitable place of action or problem. So, if in your natal chart Venus is in Leo and house 5, for example, it can mean the following for you. Your idea of relationships or values is generous to glamorous, but also your actions in relationships of whatever kind are noted by these qualities. As for aesthetics, you may be inclined to flashy colours or outfits. As for the place of application for these qualities, the house 5 points to a devotion in terms of creation of art, hobbies and children.

You can be absolutely sure that your relationships will be based on love. You will love your children and your hobbies will have a creative touch. Of course, there are other meanings related to the connections of Venus in the natal chart. But to understand what the transit of Venus is all about, it is quite enough.

Transits of Venus

Like every other planet, Venus passes through all the signs of the Zodiac in a period of time. Venus is one of the fast planets and orbits the Zodiac in about a year. At least one time in 18 month Venus becomes retrograde from the earthlings’ point of view. You can learn more about the term planetary retrograde at Wikipedia. So after about 1.5 years, from 19 of December to 29 of January 2022 , we again experience an energy of retrograde Venus. This astrological event takes place in the zodiac sign Capricorn.

Retro Venus in Capricorn

Transiting Capricorn, Venus and themes it symbolises are coloured by qualities of Capricorn: self-control, determination, dryness, stability and seriousness. These are some of the main characteristics of this sign. The main characteristic of retrograde is return. Thus, the theme of Venus in Capricorn is experiencing a “return” or, better, a retrospective in relationships, values (including self-esteem) and tastes. What about my relationship with “xy”, where “xy” can be both my boy/girlfriend, but also business partner or contractual partner incl. employer. Am I really worth being treated like this? Do I still like my red coat? All these questions can come while Venus is retrograde. The task is to evaluate (Venus) what is actually necessary (Capricorn) and what is not. It can happen that after the end of this Venus phase, we are in a completely different position than before.

What to consider…

During this Venus phase you have to be careful with everything that is new. New relationships can hardly bear fruit at this time, or at least not last. On the other hand, you can deal with everything that already exists and possibly look forward to old acquaintances and friends who suddenly appear. New contracts, love affairs and new purchases should be avoided unless you have a retro Venus in your birth chart.

Retro Venus in your birth chart

In contrast to people with direct Venus, those individuals with retro Venus in the natal chart may experience an upswing in all the named themes. This difficult position of Venus in the birth chart often means a delay for the holders of it in everything that Venus symbolises. So it could easily happen that instead of a retrospective, things that were delayed before suddenly come true.

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