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Solar eclipse in Gemini

10 of June 2021 annular solar eclipse – let it go and forget

The times of total change take place 2 times a year. It is similar to the change of seasons, only there are only 2 periods instead of 4. The eclipses are divided into closing and opening ones depending on the series (read here). Solar eclipse on the axis Gemini / Sagittarius, a last one till 2039, will take place on 4. of December 2021.

Themes of the Eclipse

Thus we can assume that the theme of the sign Gemini and/or the individual house where the eclipse falls out will experience concluding events. The zodiac sign Gemini signifies above all communication, mediation, intellectual activities, learning in the sense of acquiring knowledge and skills; trade and shipping are also under the rule of this sign.

Who is especially affected

General principles

Although the eclipses bring life-changing events, not everyone is necessarily affected equally. Eclipses have special significance for social life in general, for peoples and states as a whole. Solar eclipses play a very important role for people who have and exercise power, from fathers and managers to heads of countries and presidents, because in astrology the Sun symbolises the male principle of power. Current eclipse casts shadow over Canada, Russia and Greenland. Thus, it can be assumed that there will be turnarounds in leadership levels in these regions.

Personal principles

On the personal level, you can expect serious turns if you have personal planets in your natal chart between about 17 and 21 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius. There is then a conjunction or opposition with the planet concerned. Exact correspondence of the events can only result from an individual analysis of all current factors. Otherwise, as already written, there will most likely be concluding events of the house theme where the eclipse falls in.