Solar Eclipse on 4 of december

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Solar eclipse

On 4 of December occurs another eclipse of the current period, namely the solar eclipse in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This is a total eclipse visible in the southern hemisphere. The exact physical characteristics can be found here . Astrologically, this eclipse belongs to Saros Cycle No. 152 and began in 1808. The previous eclipse in this series took place in 2003, and the next one is coming in 2039.

As I have written in previous articles, a solar eclipse records reversals in certain periods of time: Beginning, End, Upheaval, etc. The current eclipse records an end of the past 1.5 years. There will soon be no more eclipses in the sign Sagittarius/Gemini. Eclipses have special significance for society and leadership. Depending on the constellation and points of contact, there are often changes of power, turns in the history of mankind, but also catastrophes and wars.

On a personal level, an eclipse is of great importance in the following cases: a conjunction with personal planets of the birth chart or its important points such as house cusps, lunar nodes or fixed stars. The events about 1 week before and after the eclipse, no matter how insignificant they may seem, can play a major role in the future. Therefore, caution is advised in all decisions that have to be made around the date of 4 December 2021. Seek advice to get an individual forecast – click HERE or fill in the form below.