neptun jupiter conjunction

neptun jupiter conjuction

Meeting of 2 giants

Neptune & Jupiter in conjunction – an event of the year

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Similarities and Differences

The most important astrological event of 2022 is the meeting (conjunction) of 2 planets dealing with similar matters. Both planets rule the sign Pisces, Neptune as the higher planet and Jupiter as the social one. The higher planet Neptune is responsible for the supernatural and mostly influences events that have a collective meaning, i.e. for the whole earth (weather, nature, subconscious). Jupiter influences the tendencies in society (faith, power, prosperity).

What & How

The sign Pisces stands for compassion, mercy, sacrifice. So we have 2 factors for analysing the energies that dominate our earth and society at the moment. So “what” (Neptune and Jupiter) and “how” (Pisces). One must also consider the quality of the aspect and that is the conjunction. A conjunction of the planets means exactly what happens, namely a meeting of energies (synergy), which can be judged either positively or negatively, although this can only be done from an individual point of view.

Energy and Effect

Since it is not a birth chart, one must proceed somewhat differently. Although Jupiter and Neptune rule the same signs, their energies have very different qualities. Jupiter is element of fire, Neptune – water, so there are hardly more different effects that these energies cause. When water meets fire, a field of conflict arises. Water can extinguish fire or not, it depends on the quantity and strength of one or the other. Both planets are very strong in the sign of Pisces and due to different elements one can assume a fight.

Lies, Wars, Refugees

Neptune has been staying in his domicile Pisces for some time and has already revealed a lot to us. During its advance, we had seen an increasing influx of refugees around the world and many natural disasters related to water (floods, tsunami), but also a reversal of socialist values, ecology actionism and a yoga boom. Jupiter has only recently passed into Pisces. What we have seen during this time is power struggles in the US and Europe, war in Ukraine, all the exuberant increase in fake news and disinformation, but also the end of the fake pandemic and popular resistance to rulers all over the world. Thus, the effects of both planets are quite authentic. The “how” has also become obvious, because Pisces is not only secret, but also revealing the secrets. Thus, in the recent past, an enormous number of secrets of the rulers of all continents have been revealed, especially the plans of the ultra-globalists and the NWO.

Jupiter – Expansion and Impact

What can happen with the synergy of the two planets in Pisces? Jupiter is called the planet of great happiness and can actually be when it comes to multiplication, relief or expansion in areas for which these qualities are also good. For example.b. increasing money when you can handle it, expanding plans when it comes to reasonable goals, facilitating circumstances when it comes to living conditions, etc.E.b. increasing money when you can handle it, expanding plans when it comes to reasonable goals, facilitating circumstances when it comes to living conditions etc. But when it comes to increase of suffering or the number of refugees, which Neptune also signifies among all, then Jupiter is rather an unlucky sign. The hope for a still positive development of this conjunction gives us the aspects to it. The conjunction forms a half sextile to Saturn (signifier of the state, law and order/time) as well as to the Sun (signifier of the rulers and authorities).

Peace or Flood

It may mean that the world’s rulers will find a humanitarian solution after all. Perhaps there will be a peace agreement that ends the war or a leader who can bring all under one hat. But that is in the best case. Half sextile is unfortunately not too strong an aspect and can only signify an attempt or mental readiness without concrete action. In the worst case we can expect a secret expansion of revelations or oil prices (Neptune also signifies oil), which in turn leads to expansion of misery, poverty and refugee flows. One or more natural disasters cannot be ruled out either. Synergy of fire and water can lead to extreme warming and flooding. Since Jupiter also signifies faith and Neptune dissolution/attenuation, it can also lead to loss of faith in those in power and associated socialist revolutions. What can happen where is related to the respective horoscopes of the countries, continents or cities.

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