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moon in taurus

chill, eat, enjoy

The soul is softened, tenderness is aroused, love is heightened, aesthetic taste is refined, gastronomic needs increase and appetite grows. People become calmer, more thorough, down-to-earth and cautious, but at the same time sluggish, sleepy and even a little lazy. Sensitivity to the beauty of the world increases, as does the desire for the small pleasures of life. The Moon in Taurus encourages people to enjoy the comforts of home, to tidy the house, to do flowers, to garden, to paint, to listen to music. Their sensitivity to earthly matters is sharpened and mercantilism becomes more pronounced, so people are not inclined to spend money at this time. Children tend to be calmer and more placid, but require attention and affection. Only fresh food should be eaten and a diet is recommended, fasting is not advisable.

Aspects to other planets

Moon sextil Jupiter & Venus

While transiting Taurus the Moon will make the following aspects: sextile to Jupiter, Venus. Following is recomended: Making deals with female partners. Host guests, parties, banquets and family gatherings with lavish tables. Visiting entertainment venues with the family. Go to a theatre, concert, exhibition, presentation or social event. Seek material support from wealthy women. Buy and give gifts and wear new clothes. Buy women’s wardrobe items, fancy clothes, fur and silk clothing, Buy women’s clothes, fancy clothes, fur and silk clothing and items to decorate your home and yourself. To make home improvements. To declare one’s love, to propose, to marry.

Moon conjuction Uranus

One of the most important aspects of this transit is the conjunction of the Moon with Uranus. This again activates the main aspect of the year and that is the square Uranus-Saturn. The activation usually ignites the conflicts between old and new, freedom and restrictions, revolutionaries and traditionalists, progress and stagnation.

Moon sextil Neptun

Following is recomended: Doing creative work. Visiting church and other holy places, taking baptismal rites. Buy things to decorate your home. Start travelling, boat trips (if there are no contraindications).
Have a water treatment.