Moon in Sagittarius

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Moon in Sagittarius

in good faith

Moon in Sagittarius increases optimism and sensitivity to success, which often leads to a tendency to exaggerate one’s capabilities and strengths. There is a tendency to take risks. It is easy to be carried away and infected with enthusiasm, but the enthusiasm is short-lived and superficial. The mood improves, which has a positive effect on the physical condition. The need for movement, sports and physical work increases. Restrictions of any kind are not well tolerated, especially by children.

Under difficult moon aspects (quadrat, opposition), people often become as gullible as children and tend to take things on faith. The prospects they think they have in front of them excite their imagination, and they rush to share with others and “cross them to their own faith”. In other words, they are driven by an unbridled optimism.


  • for starting new business, planning work, entering or transferring to a new job, taking up a position, recruiting;
  • for theological and publishing work, occult activities;
    scientific, creative or intellectual work, teaching and lecturing scholarly, creative or intellectual work, teaching, lecturing, public speaking, etc.
  • for the commencement of studies, examinations, diplomas and dissertations;
    litigation, legal cases and legal matters;

not recomended

  • for matters relating to land, construction, quarries, earthworks;
    for work on trees and bushes with sharp tools;
  • for operations on the lower extremities, especially the hips and thighs,
    on organs responsible for diseases of the blood and venous system – such as pancreas, spleen
  • for the treatment of asthma, sciatica, various luxations and distortions.