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moon in pisces

moon in pisces

daily moon motion influences our mood and thus also our life

Moon in Pisces increases sensitivity: people want care, attention, understanding, and sympathy. At the same time, they become more suspicious and distant. A transiting Moon in Pisces may cause self-pity, solitude, and a desire to escape from problems, sometimes through the use of alcohol or drugs. But it’s also a time when the talents emerge more often than not, and old problems find unexpected solutions. The sense of reality weakens, so it is better not to take up important matters, but this period is conducive to the clarification of facts. Children become more sensitive than usual, cranky, whiny, difficult to concentrate in lessons and prefer to „fly in the clouds“.

how to handle your mood

It’s not a good time to let your negative emotions run wild, because not only will it not help you to defuse yourself, but it will also throw you off your game for a long time. It is better to talk to people who are pleasant. It is useful to be outdoors at this time, especially near of water, as this increases your vitality and improves your mental strength. It is not advisable to turn to fortune tellers, as their predictions can prove false or be misinterpreted. Be careful when taking medication, and limit the amount of fluids you drink.