Mercury´s retro phase in aquarius

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what to watch out for when Mercury begins its retro-phase

Mercury´s retro phase: planet Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods, represents the mental in Zodiac. If you want to know what qualities a person’s mindset has, look at Mercury in birth chart. Its position, its sign and its relations to the other planets can tell a lot about the person’s intellect.

Mercury in Transit

In transit, Mercury is one of the fast planets, just like Venus. It moves around in about a year and has 2 phases. The direct phase (normal forward motion) and a retro phase (backward motion). The backwards movement does not mean that Mercury is actually moving backwards, it is just changing its trajectory, so that from Earth this is perceived as a backwards movement.

Mercury´s Retro Phase

Mercury´s retro phase happens 2 times a year. This time it is the first retro-phase of the current year, which lasts from 14 January to 4 February. Mercury is currently moving in the zodiac sign Aquarius. A retro phase of Mercury can be described as a period of revision. During this time, many things can be reconsidered, both what has already happened and what will happen in the future.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius activates communication with like-minded people, friends and acquaintances. People’s mental activities often take an innovative direction. There are more often flashes of inspiration that get a social resonance or become more widely known in the circle of fellow campaigners.

Mercury´s Retro Phase in Aquarius

During Mercury its retro phase: Taking into account the characteristics mentioned above, it is not difficult to understand what Retro Mercury in Aquarius refers to. It is obvious that it makes people think about the decisions that have been made, about people they are with, about deeds that they have done, etc. It can come to the point that one wants to undo some things and does so. Delays in many matters that have to do with promises, projects or agreements can also occur. Communication becomes more difficult, memory is weakened, because the concentration of the human brain is influenced by transits of Mercury.

Where caution is advised

It is highly recommended to be especially cautious on the day the retro phase enters, namely around 14 January, and when changing back to the direct phase around 4 February. These are days that are difficult for the brain to feel because of changing the energetic influences. One pays better attention to the keys, car and correspondence, telephone, shipping and scheduling. It is much more common to forget or disregard things on these days.

In general, it should be noted that contracts and agreements concluded in a Mercury’s retro phase are much more often rescinded or broken. There are also much more mistakes when drafting the contents, so it is advisable to check everything very carefully so that no serious errors occur when drafting or reading the documents. There can be disruptions in communication, telephones break down more easily, the internet fails.

What is recommendable

But there are activities that work very well in this phase. Meeting old friends and reminiscing about old times. Cancellations of old contracts. Returning to old ideas, occupations, hobbies or even jobs or familiar places. Reviewing old decisions, contracts and relationships.

I wish you a wonderful time with the new energy! Be mindfully and everything will be fine. Individual horoscope interpretation upon request.