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Mercury in Retro-Phase from 29. of may to 22 of june

Our messenger of the gods, the planet Mercury, once again reached retro phase in its domicile Zodiac sign Gemini. What does it mean for all of us? First and foremost, that much of what Mercury signifies may undergo a review, revision or delay. What does Mercury signify? Above all, communication in all its forms, from correspondence to sending parcels, but also everything that concerns movement, including mental activities. In birth charts, Mercury means intellect, which is actually all the rest as a consequence. This is why the retro phase of Mercury is also condemned by some astrologers, because the movement of Mercury and its energy influences our mental activities.

retro phase

When the retro phase occurs, we are slowed down a bit in our mental activities. This in turn has to do with our attention, memory and movement. Under the influence of Retro Mercury we are less attentive, more forgetful and experience inhibitions of movement. This often results in events that have to do with the current Mercury energy, but are still dependent on oneself. When you know that your own intellect works not very good at the moment, you pay more attention to how you proceed. This is actually the key to a smooth passage through this sometimes not very easy phase of life.

particularly affected

As always, there are those among us who are particularly hard hit by Mercury’s retro phase – children of Mercury Gemini and Virgo natives. For these people, special care is needed both in communication and in movement. Gemini or Virgo can be considered to be anyone who has either the Sun or the Ascendant in one of the zodiac signs mentioned.

general rules

In general, special attention should be paid to signing contracts, negotiations, correct addressing, road traffic and keeping keys. These are everyday things that can cause a lot of trouble if you are not attentive. It is best to check several times what you write, where you send, where you go or drive and where you place your keys.

what is not recommended

Not recommended during this phase is: signing new contracts, starting new tasks, jobs or projects. Moving can also have negative consequences or be difficult. New contacts and relationships can cause problems, especially if they are made over the internet. In business, communication and banking professions are very susceptible to serious mistakes, so mindfulness is more than advisable.

what is recomended

Recommended at this time is anything that involves review, return or preparation. A revision of finances, searching for lost items, repeating what you have already learned, as well as preparing for the new venture – retro phase of Mercury is simply made for this. If one has made a decision that has caused doubt, one can now reconsider or review. Rescissions of contracts are usually successful in these phases. Asking forgiveness for past misfortunes is usually very welcome.