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Lunar Eclipse – welcome to the future!

Here it comes – on 26 May we will experience the opening of so-called eclipse corridor. It beginns with a total lunar eclipse in the zodiac sign Sagittarius at 5 degrees 26 minutes. If you are inexperienced with such celestial events, here is my remedy. Eclipses occur several times a year and are divided into lunar and solar eclipses. As well as series called saros cycles, translated as recurrence cycles. These cycles have a duration of several thousand years and are recognised according to certain characteristics. The current lunar eclipse belongs to Saros 121 and is 1.400 years long in total. The last eclipses from this series took place in 2003 and 1985.

Role of Eclipses

Therefore, we can assume that it will go about the same topic, when we retrace it. The eclipses play an important role in global world events. Especially about the destinies of people, states and their leaders. On a personal level, an eclipse is important, when it contacts planets or points in the birth chart. Especially when it comes to conjunction or opposition with a birth planet. In this case, issues related to this planet or house are activated by events beyond one’s control. Fateful turns could happen that are pre-programmed by karma, whether good or bad. Such events could happen around the actual date of the eclipse, so it is advisable to analyse the events more closely 1 week before and 1 week after the eclipse. To avoid missteps, important decisions should be postponed for one week after the eclipse.

Current Eclipse

As for the current eclipse, the constellation is not particularly easy. The lunar eclipse takes place in a tau-square to Jupiter; Mercury and Venus are in a square to Neptune and Saturn is approaching a square with Uranus in retrograde. Thus, the whole situation is somewhat problematically loaded. Yet there are no reasons for despair. We all know that one achieves success if one makes an effort and removes the obstacles. There will be no difference – after some effort, society will overcome the next hurdle and begin a new phase of life. As a supplement I can tell you that the degrees 5-6 Sagittarius belong to the sphere of feeling, over which the Moon rules. The interpretation of these degrees indicates an important role of love in this theme, so there is hope for a transition into the new in love and agreement.