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21 August-20 September

Horoscope Virgo – Womoon Astrology

If, then, I were asked for the most important advice I could give, that which I considered to be the most useful to the men of our century, I should simply say: in the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.
Leo Tolstoy, date of birth 9. September 1828
I’m sorry, but I do hate this differentiation between the sexes. ‘The modern girl has a thoroughly businesslike attitude to life’ That sort of thing. It’s not a bit true! Some girls are businesslike and some aren’t. Some men are sentimental and muddle-headed, others are clear-headed and logical. There are just different types of brains
Agatha Christie, date of birth 15. September 1890

how you will know he/she is virgo?

some observations on the habits of people born between the end of August and mid-September

  • a person who meticulously washes hands – is Virgo
  • an excellent analysis of what is happening together with a best possible solution – is an innate gift of Virgo
  • if you observe a person who nags for no reason or gives advice notoriously – it is undoubtedly a Virgo
  • a person who has been suffering from several chronic diseases since childhood – is Virgo
  • if you are always in the wrong – you live together with Virgo
  • if you observe a person dusting several times a day – it is Virgo
  • a person who likes to keep a Taurus company on a sofa instead of joining the colourful social life – is a Virgo

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what you should know about virgo?

horoscope Virgo – Womoon astrology

Firstly, you have to know that only a person who has both the Sun and the Ascendant in the zodiac sign Virgo can claim to be 100% Virgo. But this is very rarely the case mostly we have the Sun (our life principle) in one sign and ASC (our operating pinciple) and other planets in the others. This is what makes our differences, otherwise all those born between 21 August and 20 September would be absolutely the same. When we talk about horoscope Virgo, we generalise some basic characteristics that apply to almost all people who have the Sun in Virgo.

Energy & Character

Virgo are the real “servants”, excellent administrators and organisers. They have good intellectual and executive abilities, often talented, insightful, artistic, unquestioningly execute all the laws and regulations, all the rules and regulations, but it is very petty, nagging and critical. They are fastidious and critical, unpredictable and easily led astray by their own pragmatism. Their curiosity gets the better of them. Everything they needs to know, needs to be informed about everything. The realistic and practical always wins out. Material wealth and a secure old age are always in the forefront. Parsimony and thriftiness can extend to stinginess, greed and avarice.

Virgo man

The Virgo man is the most sober sign of Zodiac, a pedant and a “bookish”. His God is law and instructions, rules and regulations. He is a born critic, a mentor, a businessman, an accountant. His analysis is subtle and deep. Their sober judgement, prudence and parsimony have been instrumental in their rise to prominent positions. They prefer undeniable facts and arguments. If they receive any awards or honours, it is only in the field of science and research. The creed of Virgo men is the constant accumulation of spiritual and material possessions, which provides them with security in the future. They hardly ever take risks. If they do lose their fortune, it is through no fault of their own.

Virgo woman

Virgo women are models of loyalty, trustworthiness, loyalty, diligence and accuracy. They are not only smart and intelligent, they are also good-looking. They organise and manage their personal life, usually independently. They are appreciated, respected and valued at work. They work like a real computer – soberly, judiciously, calculatingly and meticulously. To keep them in their jobs they receive pay rises and bonuses. Virgo women are rarely happy in love and family life. And this is natural. They carefully weigh up all the pros and cons, create an ideal for themselves and look for it.