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21 October-20 November

horoscope scorpion – womoon astrology

So when the devil throws your sins in your face and declares that you deserve death and hell, tell him this: “I admit that I deserve death and hell, what of it? For I know One who suffered and made satisfaction on my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God, and where He is there I shall be also!
Martin Luther, date of birth 10. November 1483
The cinema began with a passionate, physical relationship between celluloid and the artists and craftsmen and technicians who handled it, manipulated it, and came to know it the way a lover comes to know every inch of the body of the beloved. No matter where the cinema goes, we cannot afford to lose sight of its beginnings.
Martin Scorsese, date of birth 17. November 1942

how you will know he/she is SCORPION?

some observations on customs of people born between end of October and mid November

  • a person who can cry terribly over the death of his hamster and at the same time bruise someone without hesitation – is Scorpion.
  • if someone suggests somewhat unusual sexual practices to you, be sure your counterpart is a Scorpion.
  • a person who sacrifices himself to get a deeper understanding of something – is a Scorpion.
  • when visiting a funeral parlour or the administration of a cemetery, you can be sure that at least 80% of the employees are Scorpios.
  • if you observe a person who is passionately busy spinning intrigues, it is undoubtedly a Scorpion.
  • when a person can kill from a passion – it is Scorpion.
  • when you realise that you know next to nothing about your partner – you are in a relationship with a Scorpion.

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what you should know about SCORPION?

horoscope Scorpion – Womoon Astrology

Firstly, you have to know that only a person who has both the Sun and the Ascendant in the zodiac sign Scorpion can claim to be 100% Scorpion. But this is very rarely the case. Mostly we have the Sun (our life principle) in one sign and ASC (our operating pinciple) and other planets in the others. This is what makes our differences, otherwise all those born between 21 of October and 20 of November would be absolutely the same. When we talk about horoscope Scorpion, we generalise some basic characteristics that apply to almost all people who have the Sun in Scorpion.

Energy & Character

Scorpion carries within it the mystery of birth and death. The sign of the Scorpion symbolically represents the serpent, the cause of sin. Since ancient times it has been a sign of purification and transformation. Scorpions struggle, suffer, devour themselves and are reborn as phoenixes from the ashes. Scorpion is the most mysterious and alluring sign of the zodiac. People of this sign are strong, strong-willed, energetic, proud, with a strong sense of dignity, often selfish, self-serving natures. They are very suspicious, distrustful, irascible, impulsive, irritable, resentful, but fair. They make snap judgments and are judgemental. They are arrogant, fearless and ruthless, combined with dreaminess, sensitivity, sensuality, and love of nature and animals. Scorpions have a strong thirst for knowledge, trying to get to the heart of things, which leads them to study the occult.

Scorpion man

Scorpion men have a very peculiar contrasting personality. On one hand, they are charming and appealing, but on the other, they are cruel and ruthless. They do not tolerate criticism. They see the world as an aggressive environment, so they are in constant tension, waiting for a blow from the outside. They have a strong sense of self-defence, developed a whole system of self-defence. And if they are attacked, they are ready to fight back. There are two types of Scorpio men: one – mundane, open and strong-willed, the second – cunning, deceitful and manipulative, going to his goal by roundabout ways, if it’s not possible to act directly and openly.

Scorpion woman

Scorpion women have had a mysterious halo around them since they were babies. They are charming, attractive, and have a fascinating power. They have little ability to adapt to others, but are excellent at adapting others to themselves. They devote their whole life to the execution of their plans, to achieving their goals, which hardens their spirit and soul, will and character. This is their way of self-determination. They are striving for heights, as they are usually blessed with many talents. Like men, there are two types of Scorpio women. One is the “femme fatale” type, flirty, sensual, erotic and dangerous for men. Wherever they appear, they sow anxiety and bring misfortune to those who love them. It is not uncommon for them to drive their suitors to ruin and even suicide. Likewise they are rarely happy. They are ruined by unbridled passions.