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mars transit in capricorn

planet mars transiting capricorn Mars Transit in Capricorn what means Mars Planet Mars in astrology means pure energy, action, physical effort, athletic performance and that in an immediate manner. mars in Capricorn A specific goal is what all the energy of Mars is focused on at this time. And nothing can distract it, it can …

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Mercury´s retro phase in aquarius

Mercury´s Retro Phase in Aquarius: planet Mercury, known as the messenger of the gods, represents the mental in Zodiac. If you want to know what qualities a person’s mindset has, look at Mercury in birth chart. Its position, its sign and its relations to the other planets can tell a lot about the person’s intellect.

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Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius in good faith Moon in Sagittarius increases optimism and sensitivity to success, which often leads to a tendency to exaggerate one’s capabilities and strengths. There is a tendency to take risks. It is easy to be carried away and infected with enthusiasm, but the enthusiasm is short-lived and superficial. The mood improves, …

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