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Ekadashi Fasting

Ekadashi spiritual fasting – how it works Everyone knows how hard it is to stick to good approaches, especially when it comes to something that tastes good or makes you happy. I speak from experience: my eating habits are not optimal, I like sweet things best, I like pasta and could hardly imagine life without …

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Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius in good faith Moon in Sagittarius increases optimism and sensitivity to success, which often leads to a tendency to exaggerate one’s capabilities and strengths. There is a tendency to take risks. It is easy to be carried away and infected with enthusiasm, but the enthusiasm is short-lived and superficial. The mood improves, …

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Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Solar eclipse in Gemini 10 of June 2021 annular solar eclipse – let it go and forget The times of total change take place 2 times a year. It is similar to the change of seasons, only there are only 2 periods instead of 4. The eclipses are divided into closing and opening ones depending …

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Yoga Quote

The only way to stay fit and healthy is to fight your own inertia every day. Take the first step, spread out your yoga mat, more will come…

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Moon in Taurus

moon in taurus chill, eat, enjoy The soul is softened, tenderness is aroused, love is heightened, aesthetic taste is refined, gastronomic needs increase and appetite grows. People become calmer, more thorough, down-to-earth and cautious, but at the same time sluggish, sleepy and even a little lazy. Sensitivity to the beauty of the world increases, as …

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moon in pisces

moon in pisces

moon in pisces daily moon motion influences our mood and thus also our life Moon in Pisces increases sensitivity: people want care, attention, understanding, and sympathy. At the same time, they become more suspicious and distant. A transiting Moon in Pisces may cause self-pity, solitude, and a desire to escape from problems, sometimes through the …

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