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In 2015, while learning astrology, I had come to realise that yoga can change the course of my life. I was sceptical and unsettled. With the Sun in Virgo and an Ascendant in Aries, I saw myself as a person with an urge for action: if you want to change something – do something! That was the motto of my life. I did what I could with more or less success. On the whole, however, there was a deep, destructive dissatisfaction with myself and my life. I found no meaning in what I did, how I did it and could not identify myself with the results of my actions. I suffered greatly and looked for happiness outside of myself: hoped for great love that would change everything, perfected my routine and remained unhappy.

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my yoga path

My regular yoga practice brought me inner peace, I stopped swearing, my body became supple, thoughts peaceful, sensations positive. After less than a year I became a vegetarian, gave up drinking coffee, black tea and alcohol. I became slimmer, stronger, looked younger and finally felt free. I became a WOMOON – a woman who lives in harmony with the lunar cycle and is willing to share her knowledge and experiences with others. Here is my blog in love and gratitude to everybody who lives and loves.